Saturday, August 14, 2010


11 th August: The Ninth workstation of First Choice Mahindra Services Ltd., the first of its type in the Nashik region, was inaugurated yesterday in the august presence of Rev. Fr. Provincial, Fr. Michael Fernandes sdb, Mr. Rajeev Dubey, President (HR, After Market and Cooperate Services) Member of the Group Management Board, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd., Mr. R. Subramani, CEO, Mahindra First Choice Services Ltd. and Mr. D.K. Sinha, Head-Netword Development.

The function began with the esteemed guests being invited into the premises. There the whole gathering was led into understanding the ‘why’ of creating a workshop of such refined quality. Mr. Dubey in his speech spoke about the magnitude of the work done by a multinational like Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. in the social sector. He mentioned that the company held dearly to its heart the thought of giving back to the country what it had received from it in the past. He said that the company dreamt of making India bigger and better, an India of tomorrow. The company, he said, was people, planet and profit friendly and towards this the company geared its plans and goals. Rev. Fr. Provincial in his talk emphasized the role of the Salesians of Don Bosco in the upliftment of the poor and abandoned youth. He felt that a joint venture of this stature would really be profitable to both the young as well as its employers.

After this, a general tour of the workshop was undertaken and the logistics of the First Choice centre was explained to the dignitaries. The ceremony ended with a word of thanks and appreciation. All those present were enthused with this project which now gears itself profit boys of the Wada-Mokhada region. The company promises to train six hundred boys annually.

CL. Leon Rodrigues, sdb


August 3, 2010: The Community of Divyadaan staged the musical The Prodigal Son’ written and composed by Lawrence Waddy in the Divyadaan Auditorium. Music was the theme for the evening. This Musical night began with the band. The brothers, under the able guidance of Mr. Bosco Monsorate, played the pieces The Crusader and Feelings.

The core of the night’s performance was the staging of the Musical ‘The Prodigal Son’. This musical is an adaptation from the Gospel parable of ‘The Lost Son’ narrated by Jesus (Lk 15: 11 - 31) which highlights the quality of the good shepherd. A crisp yet a meaningful performance ensured that the audience was spellbound and captivated. The audience truly appreciated the efforts of the brothers and acknowledged their performance. Mr. Merwin, a parishner who had been involved in the staging of the play a decade ago, stated that Divyadaan had been a centre of cultural performances during the past two decades. He felt that the brothers had really put in their best and were really good in the performance.

The brothers felt that the play was the most welcomed event in the life of the community. One thing that struck them was the fact that the entire community was involved in its production. They felt that the play was a wonderful time for community building. A load of talent was unearthed and a synergy was felt. The story of the Prodigal Son and its performance has left a lasting impression on the minds of all in the community.

The shows, held on July 31 and August 1, 2010, were attended by a total of about five hundred and fifty people from all over the city. The Musical was directed by the Assistants Brs. Leon and Jacob. The whole event was co-ordinated by Fr Felix Fernandes,

Friday, August 13, 2010


O n 13th August, 2010, It was a great day at Divyadaan, Salesian Institute of Philosophy as the councilor for the missions, Rev. Fr Klement Vaćlav, sdb visited the formation houses in Nashik. “The visit of any superior to a Salesian community is the visit of Don Bosco himself” were the words of Rev. Fr Savio, the Rector of Divyadaan as he welcomed Rev. Fr Klement at the solemn thanksgiving Eucharistic celebration. In the homily Fr Klement shared about the Salesian missions and told us that we need to give our whole life for the missions. As he concluded his homily he gave the assembly his own motto as a missionary, “All for Jesus, Jesus for All.”

At breakfast the community of Divyadaan welcomed Fr Klement Vaclav with a warm welcome song. After breakfast he had a glimpse of Divyadaan. He then visited the parish community, the school and the sub-station of Satpur. Later in the morning, he gave a conference to the novitiate community and joined them for a sumptuous meal. At 1:15 pm in the afternoon he gave a conference to the community of Divyadaan. During the conference he shared about his visits to the mission stations. He spoke of Don Bosco as a mission-oriented person who fostered missionary vocations only for the salvation of souls. He expressed his own reasons of becoming a missionary. He made us think about the concern and need for the Salesian Brother Vocation. In the time given for questioning, brothers posed their queries related to the missions.

Though the visit of our mission superior was short, we, the brothers of Divyadaan believe that the spirit of the missions has been reignited in our hearts and minds.

Cl. Melwin Ferrao, sdb