Sunday, September 12, 2010


‘Objectivity is the fruit of Subjective Authenticity’ this particular statement is robbed from Bernard Lonergan’s Insight .This fascinated me as I was reading Dr Philip McShane’s article in the Divyadaan Journal and Economics For Everyone and still fancied me and my thoughts when I was driven into this seminar: Towards A New Economic Order. Now why do I drag this phrase of Lonergan’s here? Its because to start or rather proceed into moving towards an economic order one needs to launch deep into oneself, for me, as an anchor for the ship and then no matter what the waves, or what the currents are, it remains steady and grounded therefore doesn’t even take a chance of sinking, imagine this scene and apply it innovatively against the background of your own economics and see for yourself what insights you sight.
I will leave you with this here and jump into the backward reading of this phrase, ‘The fruit of Subjective Authenticity is Objectivity.’ This is in a simple way although with limited knowledge and with a weak foundation, I interpret this whole issue or event of moving towards A New Economic Order. What comes to my mind is a question – What is Economics for you, a cup of tea/coffee/cold drink/hard drink or a glass of water or whatever you think is for you. Why is it that which you think it is?
In order to set fire within, you must run after the What is the What? Or rather What is the Whating? Pushing this forward we would reach somewhere and it would involve a lot of mucking around endlessly. Take for instance, the football; only after a lot of kicks it reaches the goal. Let your thinking though imagine economics as an egg – What is an egg? Why is an egg an egg? What difference does it bring in the world, the world of those who produce it and of those who consume it? in the economical language. The basic consumer and the surplus consumer
This is puzzling enough for you and me, to think of economics or rather a new economic order and the complexity yet, simple order. To build, this order systematically but still in a disordered way. It may take eternity or may be not eternity to putting pieces of this bit of economics into one such established economy.
With the necessary conditions disposed or exposed to our intelligibility gives a taste of reality as to what is economy made of? The presupposition of demand-supply, consumer-producer, saving-investments, taking into the consideration of these (flows) taken into account and those skipped my mind. There is a possible need to deepen into these flows and get into dynamics that gets us and our thinking thought in making sense, or perhaps some sense, dawning to dim rays of light that flashes our thinking tank.
At this point, although a point placed in the air, hope your are coming to a certain awareness and realization of all that has been read by you. It doesn’t matter whether you marvel at the language and call this, What StUpIdity !! Or Is this fellow mAd or perhaps –Look at this person making a fool of his self!!
Yes, you may be right in speaking your mind to yourself or to the other while you have been reading.
The reason, may not be a reason itself but the economics to which we are married, and make love to, or kiss and hug everyday of our lives, maybe a wrong bride for us – a fundamental mistake of giving birth to mishap economy for the future and thus living an inauthentic subjectivity which bears a rotten fruit of objectivity.
I am not inviting you now to uproot the tree of life and divorce the bride, to whom one has given all love, but do think and feel for the future by already enacting in this: the present.
I hope this Step, of stepping a step, step by step towards – A New Economic Order has been a step stepping towards the inward and the outside of the self.
We are the diagram of Economics, the New Economics and are left with the Homes Of Wonder – simply by asking the HOW.
Therefore take time now in thinking and understanding and stay with this thinking thought. 
Cl. Romero D' Souza SDB

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