Sunday, September 12, 2010

Towards A New Economic Order

Divyadaan, Nashik, 9th – 11th September: This year the annual academic seminar at Divyadaan was an International Seminar titled, ‘Towards a New Economic Order’. The Chief Speaker of the seminar was Dr Philip McShane, a world renowned scholar in the thought of Fr Bernard Lonergan. The aim of this seminar was to analyze a new perspective of looking at Economics both local and global. The seminar was held for three consecutive days with four sessions per day. There were two introductory guest speakers namely: Prof. Agnelo Menezes, the head of the economics department in St Xavier’s College, Mumbai; and Dr Bachav from the economics department of KTHM College, Nashik.
The seminar began with an Inaugural Prayer Service and introductory speeches which were given by Fr Ivo Coelho, Prof. Agnelo and Dr Bachav. Fr Ivo introduced the Chief Speaker of the Seminar Dr Philip McShane. He specified that for Lonergan the goal of economics was not money but an achieved and improved standard of living for everyone.
Prof. Agnelo spoke about looking at the darker side of Indian Economics. He aimed at an economics that was not a cocoon for the rich but an economics of the downtrodden. Dr Bachav condemned the lack of implementation in today’s economics and also stressed that economic policies should be according to our capacities to handle.
Dr Philip then took us through the day explaining the flaws about the present economic diagrams and presenting to all a new diagram which for him explained the workings of the economy in a better way.
On the second day Dr Philip introduced the emergence of money in the economy. He then went to specify the role of banks as helping to redistribute money and keep it in circulation. He further specified the role of innovations and the surge that comes along with it.
On the third day Dr Philip spent time in presenting a global picture of the new economics and also answering questions that were coming up from the participants. He championed the important role of education in this task for a new economic order. For him studying the dynamics of economy was a study of the dynamics of oneself.
The day ended with a valedictory function with responses given by Mrs Dakshayini Madangopal, a social worker working with the Salesians of Don Bosco; Cl. Denver D’Silva, a student representative; and Fr Ivo Coelho, a lecturer in Divyadaan. The Seminar ended with a vote of thanks given by Fr Savio D’Souza., the rector of Divyadaan.

Cl. Clarence Martis and Cl. Denver Dsilva

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  1. Hello, I found this article, rather the topic of new economy, and the philosophy behind it very interesting, I am an engineering drop-out turned entrepreneur from Pune. I wish to know more about this institution & the kind of courses it offers to young adults. Thanking you in kind anticipation.