Sunday, July 18, 2010


DIVYADAAN, JULY 1, 2010: On June 20, 2010, eighteen young dynamic clerics of Divyadaan began yet another year of their apostolate in the Jawahar-Mokhada region. It began with an orientation programme conducted by Fr. Anaclete and his team at the ‘Jungle Camp’, Walwande.

The programme was well planned and conducted. It was very informative, wherein the staff by means of power point presentations and clippings beautifully summarized the aims and objectives of the Salesians in the Jawahar-Mokhada region. The brothers were guided into knowing the different tribes, cultures and festivals of the people of the region. This opened up many ignorant minds to new and amazing facts about our very own people for whom we work for.

The brothers were then asked to share and evaluate their past experiences of working in that region with the people. This interaction kept the staff upbeat about the progress at various schools and took into consideration a couple of points that needed to be reconsidered and worked upon. This enriching experience came to an end with a meaningful talk given by Fr. Anaclete who encouraged and thanked the brothers for all their hard work. He also invited them to continue the good work of teaching at the various ashrams/schools in that region. He urged the brothers to be apostles of Don Bosco who wore his heart on his sleeves for his boys and maintained life long relationship with all those under his care.

The brothers were grateful to the staff at the ‘Jungle Camp’ for the guidance and the help provided. They have pledged to be catalysts of change in this region thus heralding a brighter and stronger future for our country.

Cl Sunil Pinto sdb

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