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NASHIK, JUNE 7, 2010: The first year philosophy brothers of Divyadaan ensued towards Trimbakeshwar for their first picnic of the academic year 2010-11. The Staff and the students decided to go to Trimbakeshwar, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas in India. In order to get there they climbed the Brahmagiri - the origin of the river Godavari. It was a timely outing for the brothers to freshen up before they began their philosophical endeavours.

The journey began at 2 pm in the afternoon with the brothers getting ready in their hiking attire. Reaching the holy place by 2:45 pm, the brothers climbed to the summit of the Brahmagiri. At Trimbakeshwar the brothers learnt the significance of the place. A sage narrated the story of the genesis of the river Godavari. According to him anyone who came to this place was sure to attain salvation. He stated that the river Godavari took its course from here and a dip in this sacred water would cleanse one’s sins. He gave an example of a certain sage Gautam, who, after having committed a sin by murdering a cow had bathed in this river and was washed clean. The brothers on their way up the mountain were exposed to the culture of the place; the beautifully carved caves, the staircases, the statues and the old uninhabited houses created an atmosphere of wonder. After reaching the source of the river Godavari and enjoying the cool breeze, the brothers came hopping down to head back home.517E3D1D7AEC44E7888D23B241BBC715@Natasha

As the brothers returned from their religious trek, a sense of awe gripped them as they pondered on the mystery of nature and that of the supernatural phenomenon. It was indeed an experience that they would never forget. The brothers realized that it was the faith of the people alone that helped them live on in life as they witnessed many a pilgrim trekking on to meet their God.

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